Masturbation Diary

Monday, January 16, 2006

Here it Goes

Was in the bathroom taking a couple of pictures for you guys when the camera grazed my nipple. Thats all it took. I removed the bra and started pinching my nipples in front of the mirror. I have DD breast, and I love to watch the nipples harden as I get excited.
I took of the rest of my clothes and took a portrait of myself fully nude in the mirror. I walked back to the bed and began to play with my clit. It was already wet with anticipation, so I took some of my juices and smeared it on my left nipple. The beautiful thing about big breasts, is that I can suck on my own nipples. I love the taste of my wet tit so I jammed my right middle and pointer finger into my pussy and teased it some. Got my fingers wet and then sucked them dry. I flicked my clit to climax and came here to post a pic. I'm creaming again writing this and still taking time to squeze my nipple here and there. God, I'm horny.
I will post pics from time to time; some nude, others not. Hope you will enjoy them

Let Me Introduce Myself

During one of my many masturbation sessions yesterday, I began to wonder if I'm normal. Now I know that everyone plays with themselves, and some do it regularly, but I do it 3-5 times a day. I have a fiance that I live with, so it's not like I'm sexless or anything. Yet, several times a day I feel the need to stick my hands in my pants and get myself all wet.
I haven't always been like this. I use to masturbate 10 times or so a month not too long ago. But over the past few months that hasn't been enough. Now I find myself playing with my clit at work and rubbing my tits in the car. I even brought a vibrating bullet for when traffic is bad.
So here it is, my masturbation diary. I plan to write my "experiences", although not all of them, share some photos and hope for some feedback.